Where Tradition Meets Modernity



Casa takes its name from the Italian word for 'home'. Nestled within a repurposed warehouse where people can enjoy honest, ingredient-driven cooking while grooving along with an eclectic and engaging soundtrack. Casa has been designed to be much more than just a restaurant – it is a place to meet, to celebrate life's simple moments, and to soak in the neighbourhood's electric ambience.
Catering to 66 guests, Casa lends itself to any occasion, from intimate dining to casual get-togethers for sundowners and even small-scale parties.
Like a house, Casa is divided into a series of thematic spaces. At the ground level, the Social Room features a main cocktail bar where guests can enjoy a range of modern and refreshing cocktails. On the first floor, the Dining Room is inspired by a family kitchen, where the stove is never cold, and the air is always filled with the delectable aromas of home-cooked meals from our open kitchen. Upstairs, The Loft, which can be used as a private dining floor, features a large communal dining table, a private bar space, and a cosy set of decorative rattan sofas and armchairs. 

Art is present throughout the space, from the iconic art wall above the dining room banquette seating to larger pieces on the double-height brick wall and develops as a visual language for the food served. The diverse range of abstract art, illustrations and vintage posters make the dining experience homely with a touch of playfulness.